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Virtual Pipe Organ on Linux (VPO)

Last Update: 2008/07/21 (Since 2001/08/19)

CAUTION: This software is still test version.

Sorry, my English is bad.


With one or more MIDI keyboards, your PC running Linux works as a digital pipe organ!
The purpose of this software is similar with that of SCPOP on Windows. Thanks to the Jeux soundfont by John Wynne McCoy, you can obtain high quality sounds.

Screen shot

Allocating a sound into a stop.

Example of system construction

Author's equipment.
You can see some pictures in this page.

VPO with Viscount Organ (The page is written in Japanese, but you can see 2 pictures here.)

Sample MP3 Files

Listen to these MP3 files with your headphones.

File nameTitleComposerSizeSoundfontRegistrationReverb setting
WidorToccata2.mp3 Toccata (Version 0.2) Widor 5.0MBytes Jeux14.sf2 @ Windows PC+SBLive
Chan-mat-eorg-pre.mp3 Chanson de matin (Version 0.1) Elgar 1.3MBytes eorg102.sf2 @ Windows PC+SBLive
bwv578-eorg.mp3 Fugue in G minor J,S,Bach 4.2MBytes eorg102.sf2 @ YAMAHA REV500
bwv578.mp3 Fugue in G minor J,S,Bach 4.4MBytes Jeux14.sf2 - Windows PC+SBLive
karg.mp3 Nun danket alle Gott Karg-Elert 680KBytes Jeux14.sf2 - Windows PC+SBLive
vierne1.mp3 NAIADES Louis Vierne 380KBytes Jeux14.sf2 - Windows PC+SBLive
552.mp3 Fugue in E-flat major J.S.Bach 1,6MBytes Jeux14.sf2 - Windows PC+SBLive
540.mp3 Toccata in F major J.S.Bach 680KBytes Jeux14.sf2 - Windows PC+SBLive
572_a.mp3 Fantasia in G major J.S.Bach 550KBytes Jeux14.sf2 - NONE
572_b.mp3 Fantasia in G major J.S.Bach 600KBytes Jeux14.sf2 - Windows PC+SBLive


About sound generation

VPO uses the synthsizer on the SB Live! card or Timidity++ as a way of generating sounds. The former has advantages of easy setup, quick response of sounds, But also has a disadvantage of a limitation of an amount of voices that can speak at a time(Maximum 64 voices).
On the other hand, the latter has an advantage that an amount of voices speaking at the same time is limited only by the power of CPU, but also have disadvantage that causes a little timelag between pressing a key and speaking.



If you want to a Wave-table synthsizer on SB Live! as a way of sound generation: If you want to use TiMidity++:

How to launch the VPO

If you use SB Live! synthsizer and soundfont is loaded, You need only to change directory exists VPO source and executable file, and type
   ./vpo -p65
and so, you can use.

If you use Timidity++, just type

on the directory existing sources and executable file of VPO. Previously you needed to launch Timidity++ first. But now, it is not necessary.

How to use

under preparation.

Using MIDI Foot Controller

By sending program change signal(0 to 9) to VPO, registration memory is called. Channel number is one of 1 to 4.
By sending modulation depth signal to VPO, the volume level of the third keyboard is varied. Channel number is one of 1 to 4.


This software is NO WARRANTY.


2008/07/21 Updated test version. Several bug fixes, etc.
2008/07/19 Updated test version. The VPO is still alive! Now the VPO can be used under Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. The problem that only bank 0 of Jeux14.sf2 can be used is solved.
2005/02/12 Updated test version. Compilation errors are solved where ALSA-1.0 or above is installed. Now, you cannot use VPO with alsa-0.5.
2003/01/10 Updated test version. Solved compilation errors when compiled with ALSA-0.9 or above.
2002/12/28 Updated test version. Several bugs were removed. Also, the way of discription of spefecication of SoundFont in registration file was changed. Hereby the registration files created older version of VPO cannot read by new version of VPO. I'm sorry. But, it is convenient for exchanging registration files with others.
2002/08/25 Updated test version. Added a function of adjusting pitch.
2002/05/18 Updated test version. Added a function of calling registration memory by using MIDI foot controller.
2002/05/09 Updated test version. The problem below was still remaining.Solved the problem.
2002/03/31 Updated test version. Several problems were solved.
2002/03/24 Updated test version. Solved a problem of remaining sounds when keys are released, if the keyboard sends note-off signals with non-zero velocities. Added "VPO with Viscount Organ".
2002/03/23 Updated test version. Added a function of launching Timidity++,ecasound from VPO, and also added a function of switching Soundfont from VPO.
2002/03/17 Updated test version. Added a function of adjusting chorus level(the amount of shifting pitches of all stops at random).
2001/10/28 Updated test version. Joystick supported.
2001/09/30 Updated test version. Fixed minor bugs.
2001/09/09 Updated test version. Supported ALSA 0.5x.
2001/09/02 Updated test version. Added a chorus function, etc. Fixed minor bugs.
2001/09/16 Opened a page in English.
2001/08/19 Uploaded Test version.


Atsushi Ueda (a-ueda (at) japan-net (dot) ne (dot) jp)